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Anton Summers has been fascinated by movement from a young age.  When Anton was 15 years old he met Dr. Mark Cheng- Doctor of Chinese medicine, kettlebell master and human performance expert.  Dr. Cheng recognized how committed Anton was to training and took him under his wing, training him in various martial arts and introducing him to Pavel tsatsouline, the father of kettlebell training in America and world renown fitness icon.

 Dr. Cheng would bring Anton along on his weekly private kettlebell sessions with Pavel, giving Anton the rare opportunity to learn the techniques and methods straight from the source. Anton completed the brutal three day Russian Kettlebell Certification in 2007. As well as the CKFMS (Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist) in 2010. Since then, Anton has been teaching and training. helping people reach their goals and move better than they ever thought possible! He has worked with everyone from Moms and seniors to MMA fighters and Special forces. As well as his training in Kettlebells and fitness, He has also been practicing martial arts for over a decade and has over 500 hours of training in different forms of massage. Anton has deep understanding of movement and the human body and knows how to tailor the training to each individual. Bringing out the best in them and helping them reach and surpass their goals.

List of Certificates/Qualifications


The RKC- (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) was Pavel Tsatsoulines first Kettlebell certification course. It was created to ensure that only the highest quality instructors, who could make it through the course, were spreading the art of kettlebells. The Participant would be put through a brutal three day course that included various physical challenges and tests as well as a demonstration of knowledge and teaching ability.


The CKFMS – (Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist) was a certification created by Gray Cook and Brett Jones. This certification gave trainers the ability to use Grey cooks FMS (Functional Movement Screen/systems) movement test in conjunction with kettlebells to correct movement patterns and imbalances in the body. Anton can put his clients through the FMS and see exactly what problems and issues they are having with their movement and correct them. Correcting someone’s movement prevents injury and helps them get the most out of any exercise their doing.

Tai Chi and Martial Arts Training

Anton has been practicing Tai Chi and Chinese Martial arts for over 10 years. He was one of the last people to earn a black belt in Hapkido under famous Grand Master Bong Soo Han. He has a Purple belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu under John Machado, and trains and competes in Savate (french kickboxing) This training has broadened Antons knowledge in the art of movement. He is able to take principles from his martial arts training and apply it to kettlebell training to help his clients understand movement and make their training more enjoyable.

500 Hours of Training in Massage

Anton has completed over 500 hours of training in different modalities of massage. Including Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep tissue, sports, and injury and rehab massage. This has given Anton a deep understanding of Anatomy and how to treat and work with injuries. Anton is an expert at teaching self massage and showing his clients how to use tools like foam rollers and Lacross balls to help get rid of tension and increase mobility in the body.