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Don’t take our words for what Anton’s classes can offer you. See the testimonials below from some of his current/previous students and see just how satisfied they are!

Anton Summers has the rare gift of being able to impart a tremendous amount of knowledge, clearly and concisely without overwhelming the student. And, he manages to giftwrap all of this in the bow of being one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I’m aware this will sound hokey, but watching Anton dissect a movement pattern, e.g. The Turkish Get-Up, is poetry. He is remarkably adept at describing AND showing simultaneously what is required of the movement, and common problems to avoid. Though much of his knowledge is RKC based, I’m certain he borrows heavily from his training in Ju-Jitsu, Hapkido, Tai Chi, Fut Ga, Shuai Jiao, among others. His foundation in martial arts coupled with his passion for teaching Kettlebells makes him an ideal instructor one with whom I will continue to train for the foreseeable future. Thanks Anton.
Spencer Starr / Los Angeles, CA, A Synchronistic Approach to Kettlebell Training
Anton is a great instructor, period. I have learned so many new skills using kettlebells, and most are applicable to traditional barbell, dumbbell, and body weight exercises as well. If you have any reservations about exercise or are a beginner, he is your go-to-guy. He is an excellent teacher, and that’s just as important as knowledge or certifications. I brought along a friend who had never tried (or heard of) kettlebells before attending the class, and he was able to perform deadlifts, swings, and Turkish Getups by the end of the class. Anton instantly makes you feel comfortable and helps you to improve form, or to learn new exercises, faster than any instructor I have had in the past. Whether you are looking to improve another sport or activity, such as martial arts or weight-lifting, or you are looking for a stand-alone exercise experience (all, I might add, without strapping on running shoes), then Anton is your man. I’d highly recommend attending the Santa Monica class.
John Neil Conkle / Santa Monica, CA, You can expect rapid improvement
At one time, I was a fitness trainer myself and I have trained with many trainers in many different disciplines and I have to say training with Anton was a totally unique and wholistically beneficial experience. Not only is he prompt, professional, a really good person and a pleasure to be around, he is extrememly knowedgeable and he creates results in the body fast. I noticed a significant difference in my body and overall strength after only a few sessions. I will continue to train with Anton to take my body to the next level and really look forward to joining his classes.
Meredith Locher, MA, CH - Master Hypnotherapist / Los Angeles, CA, Unique, Top Level Trainer
Anton is a brilliant instructor. He has a comprehensive knowledge of body mechanics and exercise. His background in martial arts serves him well, as he has perfect form and understands the concepts behind every movement. His intent stare as he watches you makes it seem as though he is looking right through the outer layers and watching the movement of muscle and bone below. He can detect the slightest error in form and help you correct it with a variety of tips and suggestions that demonstrate his experience and natural talent. He is focused and has a naturally commanding presence, but he is still a sweet, friendly and completely supportive young man. In the several months that I have been fortunate enough to train with Anton, I have had such amazing improvement in practice of kettlebells. Anton is always ready to answer a question or explore a problem or help you reach your next goal. I have the greatest respect and admiration for him.
Rachel H. / Los Angeles, CA USA, Skill, Knowledge and Practice: Amazing KB Instructor

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